Patients come to  Advanced Pain Rehab for a variety of concerns. Thanks to the versatility and Art of the Microcurrent and Voila Method, We are able to serve every patient with exceptional results that are tailored to their lifestyle.

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Our entire body is electrical. Heart, brain, neurotransmitter function, etc. Microcurrent emulates our electrical properties precisely. The body runs on 500 microamps, which is exactly what I introduce back into the body to ‘reboot’ the cellular electrical system.”

“Microcurrent allows the body to return to homeostasis, whether that balance was lost through stress, environment, aging, diet, exercise or mental imbalance. During a treatment session, ATP, adenosinetriphosphate, which is the energy chemical for all cell function, is increased by 500%.”

There are three overarching benefits to microcurrent treatments that make the therapy so widely effective.

“The number one medical benefit is a decrease in inflammation in the body – significantly and prolifically. It helps with Lymphatic drainage, blood flow, protein synthesis, nutrient transport across the cell membrane, metabolism and brain neurotransmitter activity are also all increased by microcurrent.”

WHAT TO EXPECTwith Voila treatment

Your service at Advanced Pain Rehab begins when you first contact our clinic over a phone call. Michael will talk to you a bit about what symptoms or concerns you are experiencing so that he can get to know your unique situation a bit better. When you walk into our clinic for your first treatment, Michael will ask you more questions to discover the root of your pain or symptoms.

With Voila Method, Michael will trust your body to communicate energetically and present it self where the imbalances are and how the body wants  to correct the existing imbalances for it to heal itself efficiently. 

Michael will do a thorough assessment with the innovative Voila technique that balances the keystones of the body to create better balance and symmetry. The keystones are specific bones and joints that are assessed and then corrected if necessary with gentle, specific directional, non-force techniques.

Voila is a unique combination of muscle testing and energy work.  The premise that Voila Method is based on is that muscular aches and pain, and loss of equilibrium, are secondary and balancing the structure can often help the muscular aches and pain go away. 

Chronic migraine/headache
jaw and neck pain
Joint Pain: hip, knee, ankle
shoulder, elbow, wrist
Tennis Elbow
Golfers elbow
sciatica and hip pain
plantar fasciitis
whip lash

Comprehensive structural Rebalancing
frozen shoulder
ankle sprain/pain
Back sprain/ pain
hand and wrist pain
post surgical pain to:
neck, back, shoulder, knee hip
Carpal tunnel
Shin splints

we also treat ....

 Chronic Fatigue, Decreased Focus, Mental Fogginess, Mood Swings, light/sound sensitivity, Vertigo, Slowed Reaction Time, Tension Headaches, Anxiety and Irritability, Difficulty Concentrating, Trouble Sleeping, Stroke,  COPD, Heart Failure,  Bells Palsy, Sugar/Carbohydrate Craving, AD&D, Autoimmune disorder, Cerebral Palsy, TBI, Cluster Headaches, and many more.

Pls call to ask if its not listed here

Our treatments are almost to see is to believe!