Scar tissue is more positively charged than normal skin. As a result of the positive charge, channels that allow movement in and out of the cell membrane become blocked or impeded — waste products accumulate and the area is unable to heal and function normally. This fact was discovered by Albert Fleckenstein, the German neuroscientist famous for co-discovering the Sodium-Potassium pump in the cell wall and discovering Calcium Channel blockers.The use of microcurrent repolarizes scar tissue so that cell membrane function is restored and adhesions due to abnormal electrical potentials are broken. As the skin relaxes, pain dissipates at the scar site and adjacent muscle tissue and joints. The body is once again able to function normally.

The Use of Microcurrent is useful on scars from surgery or injury, regardless of the age of the scar.  (note this is not a cosmetic procedure). Scars may become less prominent and restricted but will not disappear. The benefit of Scar Release Therapy is to restore lymphatic cell function and release adhesions.  

Acknowledgments: The Scar Release Treatment was created by Dr Bruce Hocking with Acumed with the use of MPS in Canada. Please visit and