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OMG. Mike is incredible. Today he worked on all my scars to alleviate the pain that I have been living with for many many years. I am hooked and will definitely be his regular for I had a horrible accident in January and insist on getting rid of acute pain but stop taking pain medicine as well and no longer receive shots to the back and knee. The shots are more painful then the pain and it's basically a temporary band aid. Mike has a completely and totally non evasive procedure that he uses and you will walk out of his office pain free and euphoric. Get your appointment asap folks
Gail Allison
Michael helped with the last piece of my healing by helping my scar to release OMG 2.
Denise Heisner
Gloria Ochoa
Rachele Grandolfo Schneider
My fiancé had been suffering awful PCS (post concussion syndrome) symptoms for the better part of three months before we met Mike Lim. The pain, the dizziness, the sensitivity to light was so bad he'd basically become a prisoner in his own home. The severity of his symptoms, along with the lack of urgency from doctors we'd originally been referred to, kept my fiancé in a holding pattern of misery...safely tucked away in a dark bedroom for the better part of his days.After a brief conversation with Mike, I had become optimistic. He gave me phone numbers of previous clients, and I called them for personal testimony. These clients did nothing but sing his praises. At this point, my fiancé was so frustrated he said he'd try anything. Symptoms showed improvement in the very FIRST session! My fiancé could actually walk around the house WITHOUT wearing sunglasses (for light sensitivity)!My fiancé is a die-hard skeptic about many things. Ask him about his experiences with Mike however, and he'll say nothing but good things about how this man helped him get SO much closer to 'normal' in such a brief period of time. Conventional doctors have not given him even HALF that much relief in three months! Thanks Mike. Keep doing what you do. Anyone who suffers substantial pain will be better off after seeing him.
Andi Stroner
I had an excellent experience in one visit with Mike. He took care of my scars first that opened blockages. Then he loosened the tightness of my entire spine which helped my neck, back and shoulders. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him.
Carol Fagiano
I have been suffering from back pain and was in pain when I arrived at my appointment. After my treatment I have no back pain.
Kathy Thompson Rotermund
I would highly recommend Mike Lim for acupuncture. He is very well educated in anatomy and physiology and knows how the nervous system affects general well being. If you have tried the various modalities for back pain and aren't getting any relief, try Mike who is also a trained physical therapist. .
Deborah Bodnar
He is amazing!! Had my gallbladder out a few weeks ago and a few scars were still sore, he fixed them! No pain at all!!��
Lizzy Klbecka
I just had my 1st session with Mike and it was transformational! If you are experiencing pain or physical ailments of any kind I highly suggest making an appointment immediately! If you have tried everything and nothing is working the healing modalities that he incorporates are the most unique and effective that I have seen.
Anna Anthony
After my mom had surgery on her knee for melanoma she was left with a 6 inch scar and tight, limited movement. After one session releasing that scar her mobility is so much improved! Her scar looks much less red and swollen!
Melissa Figler Tomczak
I went to Advanced Pain Rehab today since my last surgery 1 month ago today did nothing for me(plus another surgery last year). I was at my last resort. Nothing has helped in years with the numbness and pain but this guy.... I'm in tears.... Mike Lim did one treatment and I'm 110% perfect like nothing ever happened.
Shell Bell
Five stars: Significant, real, and lasting reduction in pain, soreness, and stiffness in two old and problematic scars in one session with Mike. The treatment was not painful and Mike's knowledge of the Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy and the human body made a huge difference. Strongly recommend for those with scars and other challenges.
Ryan Yantis
I found advanced pain and rehab when I had to find a place to go after a bad fall. I emailed Michael and he very quickly responded and we setup a visit. He immediately made me feel comfortable explaining why I was having the pains and what he was going to do to help them. Throughout my visit I felt less in pain, but the day after I am able to function without limiting myself because of the pain. Thank you very much!
Derek Walter
Other than recurring back tightness from scoliosis, I didn't think I had any problems. Mike zeroed in on my caesarean scar and explained all the blockage an old scar can cause. He explained everything he did and what it would help, and I feel completely loose, like I never have before. Didn't know I was so uptight! He is completely professional and I am recommending my daughter come into to see him with her ACL scar. Actually, I recommend Everyone give him an opportunity to free you up!
Missy Sherman
My husband went from a nonbeliever to believer with the therapy he received from Mike Lim. Mike's treatment and exercises were designed to strengthen his lower back. The pain has subsided greatly and we are thrilled to know Mike Lim!!
Sarah Krown
This guy is a miracle. I work in the same building as Michael and I was struggling with tightness in my hamstrings and calves it was like restless leg syndrome, it was awful. It came out of nowhere I was in so much pain! Michael saw me in the hallway and saw how I was in pain. Asked me to give him 5 minutes. He instantly took the tightness and pain away! I couldn’t believe it. I ended up making an appointment for the following day. Michael has so much knowledge and explained everything so well. I never realized how connected the muscle are! I am a pure believer of his practice. I swear that Michael was a god sent to me! I am now going to make another appointment to handle my anxiety. Thank you again Michael!
Eva Pristera
I wasn't sure how it was going to work with my knee being as screwed up as it was but after my session and 10 days later, my mobility is amazing and the pain is 90% gone. I am so thankful that a friend had recommend this and I would strongly suggest to anyone in any type of pain to go and see Advanced pain, it will be well worth it.
John Woo
I just wanted to give a shout out to Mike Lim. Last week he worked on a scar I had from surgery. Since surgery I have had pain where the scar is and it has been very sensitive to the touch. Mike did one session on it and the pain is 99% gone. I would have done this a year ago if I would have known that the discomfort could go away so quickly.
Dawn Gardner
Advanced Pain Rehab addressed many issues I didn't even know existed. As someone looking to provide alternatives to clients, I focused my attention to Advanced Pain Rehab, I needed to learn all about what they had to offer. In a world filled with prescriptions and medical "cover-ups", I'm always on the hunt to correct problems before they become a problem. Advanced Pain Rehab did just that. I initially came into my apt extremely stressed and flustered; Mike was able to calm my whole system and I instantly felt relief in my lower back (which I didn't even realize was bothering me). For someone looking to prevent Pain or address current Pain, I'd highly recommend Mike. He is extremely professional and explains everything and how your body is so interconnected at every step.
Kasandra Graf
Mike did an excellent job alleviating my sciatic pain. He was able to reduce my pain levels to better than 80 %. I was skeptical about his guarantee, but found out otherwise after his treatment. A definite fusion of western and eastern medicines. He took time to treat scarring from hip, knee and shoulder replacements and showed true concern to improve my health. I highly recommend trying treatment to reduce your pain
Kevin Horner
Before i went in i was tired and really exhausted and i gotten a concussion but after i got done it felt as if i havent experienced a concussion and i felt as if i had alot more energy and i was loose and i felt good so i highly recommend if you have experienced or had a concussion
Chance Bain
I decided to go in after suffering concussion symptoms that were greatly limiting my life on a daily basis, even 2 years after the accident occurred; fatigue, vertigo, migraines, confusion, and forgetfulness were just a few of the things I had been experiencing that made life difficult. I could feel the treatment (specifically for concussions) working while it was happening! It is a highly effective treatment that is well worth it.
Katie Marie
I have had surgery on both of my knees. Even after the surgery, I've had problems, and at times, could barely walk. I would wake up with this pain every morning. After seeing Dr Mike for just one session, the pain is gone! I would def. recommend Dr Mike for your injuries. All doctors want to do is pump you up with drugs. Thank you so very much!!
Bonnie Frederickson
I was referred to Mike Lim at Advanced Pain Rehab in Crystal from a good friend at the gym I go to. I fell 2 weeks ago on ice while holding my granddaughter, doing the splits and landing on my leg and side. I went to the ER, where they xrayed my leg and hip. No broken bones, but a pulled hamstring. Sent me home with pain meds. Went back in to ER because not much had changed, and I was still in a lot of pain. They checked for a blood clot, which was negative. Again sent me home with pain meds, and told me to call their office for a referral to an orthopedic doctor for PT. I decided to try going to see Mike first. He was willing to get me in to see him today, so I set up the appointment. I was not disappointed. I was very impressed by the techniques Mike used to help relieve my stress and my pain. It's great to find someone that is genuinely concerned about me and my health and wellness. I definitely will be recommending Mike Lim to people that need help with their pain and/or other medical issues.
Cindy Mueller Leiss
Mike has a vast knowledge of physiology and anatomy. He knows what he is doing. I am a Licensed massage therapist and I am impressed with his work when I had a session with him. Thank you Mike.
Vincent Ragasajo Celdran
5 star rating for Mike. He has been a God sent for my Mom in her rehab. As she progressed I thought he had something special. Having a Nursing background I decided to take advantage of his expertise. Have been nothing but impressed. Mike is amazing and dedicated. I hope you give him a try. I feel amazing after 2 sessions with him.
Sue Schultz
I had severe back, leg, foot and face nerve pain from an allergic reaction to nasal spray. After 6 MRIs, a CT Scan, an EKG, a chest xray a visit to the ER and a Neurologist my doctors still had no idea what was wrong with me. After a month of constant pain and 6 physical therapy visits I was referred to Michael Kim by a friend. I called late on a Saturday and Michael was at my house for a house call at 8am on Monday. Within 45 mins I was COMPLETELY pain free. That was 3 days ago and I'm still pain free. I can't explain how he did it. I just find it amazing that no one else in "modern medicine" could help me even after all the tests, therapies and money. Michael fixed in me less than an hour and for less than the price of one physical therapy visit. Thanks Michael!!!
Harry Semerjian
This is an amazing form of pain relief. I experienced pain And anxiety from my neck down to my feet. Mike cured my pain instantly. Thanks for coming into my life. Highly recommend
Pat Smiecinski
Beth Epstein
My husband had a horrible pain in his leg and calf all week. I told him to go to see Mike Lim. After the miracle man did his magic Fred could walk and sit with little to no pain. Thank u Mike Lim. He also has vertigo and Mike Lim did some maneuvers and hopefully Fred sees no more episodes , for they are debilitating. Thank u and if someone has pain I would say go to see Mike Lim he is truly awesome.
Anna M Lobb
Thank you, Mike, for the treatment! I've had this left shoulder pain for months and could barely lift a pitcher of water because of it. After the treatment, not only was I able to raise my left arm, the strength in my arm is slowly coming back that I could lift that pitcher of water. More power to you!😊
Jennifer June Uy Ong
Thank you mike for coming over. I felt so good right after.this time i feel so relaxed! MPS therapy is 👍
Jill B Sarabia
I can not say enough good things about Mike. I had been putting off going to a dr for an injury on my knee when my trainer asked "why have you not gone to see Mike? I give the old shoulder shrug. She gave Mike a call and he squeezed me into his busy schedule to help me. I had no idea what to expect from my visit. Would this even help? YES!! He worked out not only me knee issues but also a shoulder pain and some back pain. I am happy to say I feel great and have been bragging about Mike to anyone who Listen. My son who is a gymnast will be seeing Mike soon.
Christine O'Brien Ulrich
Chris Bain
The past few days I have been having some issues in my hip flexors causing some major discomfort in my right leg. I made an appointment with Mike Lim to see if he could help. Now this is the second time I have had him help manage some pain issues and I am just as amazed this time as I was the first. All the while he was treating me he was also explaining what he was doing and why. I feel great. Pain is gone and body more relaxed! If you aren't familiar with Mike or his methods you need to contact him. If you are familiar but have been putting off seeing him for whatever reason, stop! Go see him. We are very fortunate to have Mike as part of our Fitfam. It's a great alternative to pain management. You have nothing to loose but the hurt.
Joseph Caputa
I have had chronic back pain for years. I've tried massage therapy and chiropractic care but it's only temporary. I refuse to be pumped full of pain meds so I've been searching for other options. I can honestly say today is the first day since I was 18 that I have no pain!! Mike is amazing! I was so relaxed and I feel incredible! I've already scheduled my next appointment. Thank you!!
Christine Adams
#painrelief #nodrugs #mpstherapy #truestorySo, I went to see my good friend Mike Lim, who is a practicing Physical Therapist and a Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy Specialist. In one session, Mike helped me release scars from surgeries I endured in childhood up to the present time, to help induce healing and nervous system flow. I felt my pains, burdens and anxieties lift almost instantaneously! He even helped me with my bout of IBS, and other abdominal issues. He also added emotional, grief, sadness & sorrow healing. Now, I'm all for health and well being, and this treatment will definitely be a regular part of my self care. It should be yours too!!!!! Thanks so Much Mike!!!!! Until next time!
Tessa Gavilan
I had the opportunity of meeting Mike Lim at the 2016 SWIS. Not only did he go above and beyond and provide my husband and I outstanding treatments, he has also followed up with us numerous times with tips on how to treat ourselves using our own Dolphin Neurostim. If you have never had your scars released, have pain, are an athlete or want a nagging injury fixed Mike Lim is your guy. Thanks Mike we appreciate all you have done for us.
Sheri Whetham
Mike is so great. He noticed on FB that I had been putting up my 22 push up challenge for our service men and woman. I wrote that I had to do them the girl way since I had a bad shoulder and neck area. He sent me a message and said come get a complimentary session I want to fix you. I went and liked it so much. Its kind of like acupuncture without the needles. I felt so great after and I continue to feel like I can move it so much better. I will be going back a few times a month for sure. Thanks Mike.
Marla Provencio Wagner
I went to see Mike for a chronic shoulder pain that I've been struggling with for about a year. I have tried many things as it's imperative to my career that I am in good health. Today is the first day that I haven't been constantly reminded that the pain was there. I am so excited to have found relief. Thank you Mike!
Jayne Hilton Hettinger
I was experiencing lower back pain and went for a session. I believed the pain was due to my job but Mike was quick to correlate the pain to an old scar. I was skeptical at first, but after a few minutes the pain diminished and after the session was over , I was pain free. I am so grateful for his knowledge and ability.. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you again , .
Denise Santana
I threw my back out over two weeks ago. Of course as a health provider, I figured I could treat myself with NSAIDS and steroids! Unfortunately, I continued to have symptoms. Mike was able to get me into his office last Friday and I feel like a new person. I was able to get back into the gym both Saturday and Sunday. I can't thank Mike enough for not only squeezing me into his schedule but allowing me to get back on my feet. I look forward to having another option for my patients instead of having them take medications around the clock.
Jason Graf
Just wanted to let everyone know of what a great experience I had by my treatment with Mike Lim. I pulled or strained something in my arm which made it weak and painful to the touch. One session with him and my arm immediately felt better!! Looking forward to future sessions!! Worth the drive to crystal lake!! Thx Mike!!
Kimberly Battles-Proctor
I hurt my wrist during a workout. I thought I could ice it and give it a rest. Well after a week of that, I knew I needed to have Mike Lim work on my wrist. We had an appointment on Friday. Wow! After the treatment I could already feel a difference. I have continue to ice and I can now use my wrist 100% again. Don't wait like I did! Get your appointment with Mike, he does a fantastic job... Next issue I won't wait so long!
Tiffany O'Brien
Mike Lim you are amazing! Working out this AM I re-tweaked my back and I was lucky enough to be working out with him at the gym. He was able to spend some time with me to address the muscle tightness and inflammation which has been bothering me for weeks and letting me know how it's all connected to various points throughout. I am amazed at his approach and attention to connecting to the pain points. If you have minor or major pains do reach out to him! Thank you Mike for all that you do!
Ali Dalton-Lynn
I've known Mike for a few years and on a couple of occasions I asked him about some pain I've been having. In a matter of minutes he alleviated my pain. Thanks, Mike!
Giosette Concialdi-Smedinghoff
I came to know about Mike through Real Results fitness in Grayslake. We both took a session each from Mike this morning and loved it. He is really good.I would highly recommend him if you have any kind of pain or scars or any sourness, he devotes his time to find out the problem area without rushing it and makes sure that the person feels much better after the session.Thank you so much Mike for the session today morning.My pain is so much less in the shoulder and i don't feel it very stiff anymore.Love your sense of humor ! Keep rocking! You are doing a great job
Jazz Kaur Ghai
Thank you Mike so much for helping to alleviate some pain my mom has been experiencing. She has gone to so many doctors and gotten X-rays and all results came back normal that there was nothing wrong with her knee. But she was having such a hard time walking, so we couldn't understand what was happening or who to ask for help. Then I remembered about Mike through our gym network and contacted him. He set up an appointment with us right away and was very accommodating to our schedule and was very helpful. He answered all of my questions and explained the process while working on my mom to help her understand what was happening in her body and also for me because I like learning. Her pain has decreased 40-50% in her knee with only 1 visit. We can't thank Mike enough for his help.
Thao Witbeck
I just need to let everyone know how awesome Mike Lim is! I met up with Mike this morning, so that he could work on my knee. Since that was feeling better, he spent a lot of time on my Achilles scar, from my rupture 3 years ago. I can't believe the difference one treatment made. Long story short, the numbness is gone in the scar and I have increased mobility. Next he worked on my C-section scar. I didn't even know that was bothering me until he was done. I have less pressure around the scar and more mobility in my hip flexers. He also worked on the internal scars from my gallbladder removal. It's just amazing what he can do! I feel great! The best thing of all... He cares. If something is bothering you, be sure to contact him! Thanks Mike! ❤️
Becky Bennett Rodriguez
Mike totally helped relieve some tightness and inflammation from old surgery scars in my knee! Thanks, Mike!
Jeremy Bullock
Mike worked on me andmy 9 yr old.. Was a great experience with the treatment and Mike was awesome too!
Cindy Garcia
Mike helped my 14 yo son recover his pitching arm in time for his tournament this weekend! My son woke up with terrible pain in his throwing arm and Mike was able to provide treatment ( and great advise to a young athlete about the importance of resting tired muscles so they don't become injured) so that without the pain he is able to now rest it. I'm planning on keeping up with the therapy for my son (myself too) throughout his high school sports! Thank you so much
Lisa Aschermann
In pain for almost a week saw Mike this morning. He was friendly, professional and I feel great!
Michele Spaulding Mueller
I had knee surgery 3 years ago and haven't truly recovered. Since joining a fitness boot camp two weeks ago I've been experiencing pain/tightness. I met with Mike today and after about 20 min I'm happy to say that the tightness in my knee is gone and I have little to no pain! I highly recommend, Mike!
Nicole Keres
Had some plantar fasciitis pain. Mike Lim worked on it and I had great relief. Completely recommend his instant pain relief sessions
Tammie Wilson
My inner ankle Has been bothering me since February, walking has been aweful and uncomfortable. I tried everything from massage to other alternative medicine and nothing seemed to calm it down. I called mike to help me resolve my ankle. He came over and worked on it and now I am able to walk better without alot of pain, I am thankful to have mike come and made time for me for my ankle pain.
Norma Aleta
my gout has been hurting for two days and has affected the way i walk and do things. I remembered that mike could help me with my gout pain. I called him and he found time for me and my gout feels better already. Thank you mike
Noruel Aleta
Mike was able to meet with me this morning as I have been having a lot of pain in my knee. Last night I pushed myself to far in the result of making it very difficult to walk and now I am feeling much better than I did and I am able to move around and not be in major pain. Thank you Mike for being so accomdating! I highly recommend him.
Kimmi Lynn
I just had a session for the pain in my neck. I've had it for at least a year. Mike really lessened the pain. I think 1 more session and it will be gone. He is amazing and I would highly recommend him!!
Candice Miller
I have seen Mike for my shoulder and knee and it is amazing how the pain and tightness releases in just a few mins. I am faithful in foam rolling, but that can only do so much!! What Mike can do getting into those nerves and the instant release and relaxing of the muscles is glorious! I highly recommend making an appointment to see him!
Amy Zeek Swanson
I was treated at home today by this GUY. Michael Lim PT. I feel better already Michael!! Thanks for everything.
Donna J Winslow
Mike can't thank you enough for helping me with my shoulder and knee!!!! You are amazing!!
Christine Seemann Scheid
I had tremendous lower back pain barely able to move,went in to see Mike....Simply AMAZING!! I was able to stand and bend over immediately after my first treatment. Super knowledge and caring, thank you so much Mike!
Janice Loeding
I was lucky enough today to have Mike work on leg today, last week i suffered a shin injury and i have been doing everything to make it heal, Mike was able to alleviate the pain and have it feel more comfortable than its been in weeks. he also knew i had lower back pain and was able to treat that today also, I have to say that Mike is truly a miracle worker.
Vito Pellitteri
Up to now, I still haven't felt any pain/tension on my right shoulder and arm. You're wonderful! Can't wait til the next therapy session!
Diane Paranis
I had major back surgery in 2004 and did not have anyone else other than my doctor touch my back. I had Mike do a scar release to clear up some of my scar tissue and I had immediate results. Before I could not extend my hip forward without pain and now I can with no pain. I also had limited range on my back because of the pain and now I'm pain free. I am very, very pleased with my results and highly recommend their service!!!
Tony Dugo
After only one session my pain was gone! I have had pain and tightness in my forearms tendons for a long time from lifting and overtraining. Mike literally made years of tight muscles relax completely in five minutes. Very great physical therapy!
Janet Bronson
I have stress fractures in my shin and this has helped me tremendously! I feel like I can walk again and continue my sports.
Sabrina Rivera
I had tweaked my neck yesterday morning before working out . So Mike did his magic and fot through the workout!
Tamra Smile
I took a nasty spill on some ice on Tuesday of this week. My neck and back were injured. I had very little movement in my neck with a ton of pain. It felt as if my neck was in a brace. My back was tender with very little movement as well. I saw Mike on Thursday to treat my neck pain and today to treat my back pain. After yesterday's treatment, I felt at least 75% better. I was able to move and turn my head and neck - more than I had an hour before Mike arrived! I woke up today feeling like a million bucks in my neck and shoulders. Mike just treated my back and I was able to stand up and fully bend down to touch the ground with no pain. I wasn't able to do that at 9:30 this morning at the gym! You can't beat a painless, in home pain relief service at an affordable rate. Thank you, Mike!
Erika Petersen Klein
Great teacher ,!!! Wonderful therapist !!! I am thankful for wisdom he is sharing . I have learned so much and able to help many patients to release pain and scar tissue with amazing results
Ewa Cerven

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