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For Michael Lim, serving patients at Advanced Pain Rehab isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. He has been committed to helping others for most of his professional career. As soon as he began studying treatments with micro current, Michael knew that he held the key to better quality of life for his patients. Through Micro current treatment protocols, Michael and his team works with patients at Advanced Pain Rehab who live with chronic pain due to medical conditions such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, concussions, or scars from past surgeries. Using this quick and painless treatment, We have been able to guarantee pain relief up to 80% for everyone who has walked through our clinic door.


Michael knows that his patients feel better when he does his craft. He uses his experience, his knowledge, his drive and motivation to influence his team members to learn and to continually treat people with respect and get the patients issues resolved in the shortest amount of time possible. Most of Mikes approach has been getting the job one and done(90% of the time) Sometimes he might recommend a second another session to clear chronic issues especially for concessions and other chronic illness.


Upon meeting Michael or his team, patients are immediately impressed with their genuine desire to help their clients feel better. It is that commitment to patient experience that keeps patients seeking our assistance and expertise. When you call for a consultation, you can expect to be greeted promptly – and personally – by Michael. He will get to know more about you and your medical history, using that information to give you the best treatment possible. In under two hours, you can exit the practice feeling a significant decrease in your pain or symptoms than what you came in.


Talking with Michael and meeting his team members and having micro current treatment in the Advanced Pain Rehab clinic can be a life changing experience. They will explain what has been going on, why are your symptoms showing up this way and what can be done to stop that chronic cycle of pain.

Don’t miss out on the quality of life that you have wanted for so long – let us come alongside you to give you the best shot at wellness and living pain free.

MICHAEL LIM MPP,  CPT, MPsy, has been in the medical field over 20 years, specializing in Geriatrics, Pain Management and has recently turned his focus to Scar Release Therapy and its complex relationships with the nervous systems and related health issues. He is certified in Geriatric Strength training, Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and holds a Masters in Psychology and Leadership. He has also extensively studied Oriental Medicine, Neuro-Anatomical Acupuncture, and Integrative Pain management. He practices Voila Method Therapy in the clinic and ensures quality outcome from everyone in his practice 

Laura Beth Allen LMT, NCTMB, LSHC, has been a Licensed massage therapist for over 11 years.  She specializes MPS pain protocols in conjunction with her advanced massage therapy techniques.  It is her life’s mission to make a positive difference in people’s lives and health, guiding them to be the best they can be. 

Michelle Odegard LMT, CPT, CCT – has been in the medical and health care  field for over 20 years of experiences. She’s trained with the Micro current therapy pain protocols in conjunction with her physical therapy background and hands-on approaches.

Sharon Araneta, PT, CEEAA – has been a licensed physical therapist for 18 years with multiple experiences in different settings.   She is extensively trained with advanced MPS therapy techniques and her goal is to help people maintain and achieve independence with mobility so that they can continue to live life without having to rely on surgery or pain medications.

Laura Beth Allen, LMT, NCTMB, LSHC

National University of Health Sciences Graduate
Licensed Massage Therapist, MPS Pain Practitioner for Chronic pain, Auricular therapy, Scar and Trauma, Chronic Stress therapy and management, and Advanced Pain protocols.

Michelle Odegard, LMT, CPT, CCT

Heal Touch School of Massage Graduate
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, MPS Pain practitioner for chronic pain, auricular therapy, chronic stress therapy, Scar and trauma and advanced pain protocols.

Sharon Araneta, PT,

San Pedro College Graduate.
Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, Outpatient, Sub-Acute, Acute Care

Mary Ellen Goss
Mary Ellen Goss
I went to see Mike for neck and shoulder pain that I had been suffering with for years. After one session I felt like a different person, physically and mentally. My pain and stress level felt substantially better. All I can say is Wow! Mike is a sincere, caring, highly educated professional. I highly recommend anyone suffering from pain and or stress schedule an appointment today!
Tessa Gavilan
Tessa Gavilan
So, I went to see my good friend Mike Lim, who is a practicing Physical Therapist and a Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy Specialist. In one session, Mike helped me release scars from surgeries I endured in childhood up to the present time, to help induce healing and nervous system flow. I felt my pains, burdens and anxieties lift almost instantaneously! He even helped me with my bout of IBS, and other abdominal issues. He also added emotional, grief, sadness & sorrow healing. Now, I'm all for health and well being, and this treatment will definitely be a regular part of my self care. It should be yours too!!!!! Thanks so Much Mike!!!!! Until next time!
Halie Verniers
Halie Verniers
Huge thank you! A little over two months ago I lost hope and I called to get an appointment. I was going through a hard time in life and he worked with me and got me in quickly! Now two months later I’ve only had two cluster headaches! ( was having 7 a month! ) I’m very blessed and highly Recommend especially if you have a c section and get migraines or cluster headaches!! I never even knew my c section played a roll in any of my neck pain and headaches!